You and Matt started a cross-examination movement in our firm that is going to take us to new heights.
— Paul: Louisiana
I learned so much and enjoyed getting to know you both. I have a jury trial next week and I’ve implemented your techniques to the fullest! Waking in with much more confidence than I otherwise would have, thanks to you!
— Amber: Louisiana
I cannot express how much more confident I feel in Cross. Chapter Method absolutely makes sense.
— Debra: Ohio
Roger literally saved my life.”
— Lawyer coached in two cases
After my opening the judge called us into the chambers, and made forceful nudges for settlement on the issues I raised. The judge had adopted my theme, and eventually opponent did when we spoke in the hall during the trial. Pretty awesome.
— Linda: Southern Midwest
I’d love to take credit, but that was all Dodd.
— Lawyer coached in a case
Definitely the BEST trial work seminar I have ever attended, and I have done a lot of seminars over the years. I learned more than I ever thought I would and a large part of that is from the other participants. I will be back again for another round of becoming a better trial lawyer.
— John F: North Carolina
Thank you Roger. No question, you are the master of cross and a bunch of other shit, I’m sure. As I said when we were in Park City, your workshop was one of the very few professional experiences in my career that exceeded my expectations
— Drew: South Carolina
Great concept!
— Ray: Massachusetts
To encapsulate:
For me this has been a process..
Step One: Hear you speak which opened my mind to the fact that there are rules to cross examination which will make cross examination easier and highly more effective;
Step Two: Read from your book;
Step Three: Attend your clinics;
Step Four: Start drafting my Cross based on your rules;

Step Five: Work with you as my consultant.

One step built off the prior.

I absolutely would hire you again as a consultant. As I tried to say in the three sentences, your fine tuning at the end brought it all together into a trial ready piece of work.
— EV: Southern California